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25 Mar 2014

Alternatives Places to Find (and Hire) Game Musicians

Last week, I wrote a post that explained where to find (and ultimately hire) game artists other than some of the top outsourcing platforms such as Elance,, etc. Chock full of decent advice if I do say so myself, the same logic applies to those that want to hire game musicians. Whether you want to hire someone that will create memorable background music for your indie game or you want to hire an individual to merely create a few sound effects, the following places will help you to find ideal candidates.

Indie Gamer

Go over to the indie classifieds section at Indie Gamer, and you will find a few sections primarily for hiring workers for your project. For music, you want to browse the Music & Sound Portfolios’ section where you can find musicians looking for work. Additionally, you can also place an ad in the ‘Help Wanted’ section of the forum as well, where you can detail exactly what you are looking for, allowing proper candidates to state their interest. A very active forum, this is one of the first alternative places to look.


I mentioned this place in the ‘Alternative Places to Find (and Hire) Artists’ post, but this is also a great place to find musicians. Scour the ‘Audio/Visual’ boards, and you will find musicians that are offering all types of services. Many of the musicians on this board provide their music for free, meaning you can use their music in your indie game based on their specifications. Others are simply looking for work.

You will also find a few indie developers stating they are looking for composers to help them with their indie game as well. Feel free to do this as well, as you will definitely get some replies. Of course, if you find yourself listening to someone’s music and want to hire them, IndieDB makes it easy to reach out to them and start up a dialogue with them.


One quick look at the ‘Audio’ section at TIGForums will place you into contact with a wealth of individuals that want to discuss gaming music. It’s a fun little community, and you are bound to find some musicians that are quite talented. If you don’t want to discuss gaming music and instead want to see what members of the community are doing, take a gander at the ‘Show us some of your music!’ section to see the talented individuals in the community. It’s another great place to find leads on talented composers, making TIGForums worth a look.

Touch Arcade

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Touch Arcade, as quite a few indie developers have hired me to write press releases for them thanks to a simple job posting that took a few minutes to write. Browse over to the ‘Developer Services and Trade,’  section to find musicians that are looking for work. Just today, I found a few musicians on the front page alone! The verdict? Touch Arcade is a great place to find music professionals that can make your indie game sound phenomenal!


Don’t forget Reddit ! If you can avoid the many time-wasting (yet awesome and sometimes informative) subreddits, take a look at the subs Game Audio and We are the Music Makers to find awesome artists that can make your indie game sound amazing. You are going to find a ton of individuals that showcase their music for people to critique, and if you want to speak with one of them one-on-one? Reddit makes it simple to message them. An awesome lead for finding some of the best musicians on the Web, these thriving communities are must-visits.

Do you other places you visit to find some leads on hiring musicians? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. anonymous

    Yeah, Reddit, it turns out, has rules about self-promotion specifically in the links you posted. Not allowed. You can’t as a musician post your work in either of those reddits because that would be self-promotion, and would result in being deleted. Was very disappointed. The other forums seem OK, so thanks for those.

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