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28 Jul 2014

Grow Your Indie Studio By Finding Leads On Twitter

Everyone needs more leads – everyone. Heck, even the largest companies in the world are always on the lookout for more leads; and believe me, your indie studio is no different. Thus, that’s where Twitter comes into play. We’ve mentioned it before, but we’re discussing this topic a little more today, and for good reason: Twitter is a great place to find new leads and ultimately, new customers.

There is a ton of valuable data just waiting for you on Twitter, but how do you get to it? How do you find the data that is valuable to your indie studio – and how do you use it to grow your brand like never before? It’s the topic of today’s post, so find out below!


Searching hashtags and keywords

Let’s start with the most obvious tip: sifting through hashtags and keywords. With over 600-million users on Twitter, the platform is ripe for finding new customers. The best way to do this? By finding hashtags and keywords related to your brand.

Think about the keywords and hashtags that are related to your indie studio. If you just released a turn-based strategy game, consider plugging turn-based strategy games into Twitter and seeing what comes up. Chances are, you will spot Twitter users discussing the genre, and from there, you can follow them, connect with them, and let them know that, “hey, we make games you will probably enjoy!”

It’s a simple tactic, but believe me: it works.


Don’t focus solely on hashtags and keywords

Instead, truly get to know your audience. Going back to the turn-based example for a moment, take a minute to read what the users in your search results are saying. For example, if many of those mentioning they enjoy turn-based games are also mentioning they enjoy war-based content, then you can conclude that fans of your niche will also enjoy indie games with war-based themes.

Of course, this is a simplified example, but you get the picture. Ensure that you also check the followers of those that are in your niche and see which hashtags they are using. You will begin to see a pattern of information that details exactly what those in your niche enjoy, what types of games they like, the content they crave, etc.


Make your content irresistible

I’m a sucker for trivia contests on Twitter, and I’m not alone. One of the best ways to make your content irresistible is by providing content that almost everyone enjoys. Trivia, quotes, questions that entice your followers to answer back, and so on are all great ways to ensure that people are engaging with your content (and in turn, your brand).

We discuss making enticing content regularly, but it truly is one of the best ways to gain new leads and customers on any social media platform. By ensuring that your content is irresistible, people are going to care who you are and what you have to say. That in itself is powerful enough to bring new customers to your brand, so start practicing this today.


Just think differently

The beauty of using Twitter to promote your indie brand is that there are many different ways to obtain leads and find new customers. Once you begin plummeting down the rabbit hole, you are going to find leads and potential customers that are likely to enjoy the games you produce. Never be afraid to follow and reach out to anyone! You and I are both gamers, and if there’s one thing we always want, it’s that new obsession that’s going to have us hooked for days on end.

There’s no reason why that cannot be your indie game!

Use Twitter to find new leads and potential customers. From there, your brand will grow and great things will happen.


Have any questions regarding using Twitter to find leads and new customers? Let us know in the comments below!

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