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16 Jul 2014

Google Play Downloads Up by 60%

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According to analytics firm, App Annie’s Q2 2014 Market Index Survey, released today, Google Play downloads are on the rise. Their figures reveal that they’re approximately 60% higher than Apple’s App Store percentage during last quarter. Also there was a 10% increase during the same quarter in 2013.

The platform’s growth in emerging markets is behind the massive jump ahead of its rivals. The survey also showed that Google Play downloads in areas such as Brazil, India, and Thailand have increased significantly. However, in giant mobile sectors like China and Japan 80% more revenue is derived from iOS than Google Play.

Will the Google Play Downloads Leap Lead to a Global Market?

The EVP of Marketing at App Annie, Oliver Lo, carefully analyzed the survey findings and discovered a new trend. Derived from the data he explained that the East-West division is beginning to disappear as emerging markets acquire more influence. Lo believes we are heading in the direction of one unified global market.

“The notion that ‘West is Best’ is holding less sway as Google Play and iOS App Store are being increasingly supported by emerging Smartphone markets such as India and China,” said Lo.

“The fact that only 10% of the Indian population is Smartphone-enabled is an exciting prospect for app publishers looking for new markets to explore. We expect strong Google Play downloads combined with future Smartphone adoption could help set the stage for rapid growth in India’s mobile app-related revenue by 2017.”

Google may not be number one yet in the preferred mobile platform arena but they’re definitely showing progress in their ability to generate downloads and expand their mobile user reach. The five year old Android Market platform has been making some serious moves to leverage its position in the app industry.

It will be interesting to see how the platform fairs as the months go on.

(Source: PocketGamer.Biz)

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