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20 May 2014

Give Your Indie Studio’s Facebook Page a Much-Needed ‘Audit’

Chances are, you probably have a Facebook page that you use to promote your indie studio. If you have been following our social media posts for since the inception of our blog, you will know that in order to generate buzz for you indie games (and your studio at large), Facebook is a necessity. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter – your indie studio must be on Facebook.

“But I’m already on Facebook,” you may be saying to yourself. Okay, that’s great, but how functional is your Facebook page? Are your followers engaging with you on your Facebook page as much as you wish? No?

Then today’s post is for you – and even if you don’t think it is? Follow today’s advice anyway. Give your Facebook page a much-needed audit by improving the most important facets of the page, and watch your fans begin to engage with you more than ever.


Ensure your cover photo is clear

Clear and to-the-point: that’s exactly how your cover photo should appear. The very moment that a stranger views your Facebook page, they need to figure out exactly who you are and what you do within a matter of seconds. That means you must only use images/text that is related to your indie studio and your cover photo must be clear (at least 851 x 315 pixels to avoid blurriness).

Other than that, have fun with your cover photo! Be creative, but be direct. In other words, don’t post a cover photo of cows (unless your upcoming indie game is called Cows!, then you may be able to get away with it). If you want to play it safe, simply add a hi-res cover photo of your current/upcoming indie game.


Hook them with your cover photo, win them with your profile photo

Your cover photo tells visitors what you do, but your profile photo? It tells visitors and your current followers who you are.

Thus, you need to audit your profile photo as well. It’s important, mainly because your profile picture appears in the news feed of your followers, appears in replies to comments, and so much more.

In short, your Facebook page’s profile is more important than your cover photo, as it’s truly the identity of your Facebook page.

The simplest and best to-the-point profile picture you can use is a logo of your indie studio. Ensure your image is at least 160×160, is rectangular, and looks professional. Moreover, ensure that when anyone views your profile picture, they can automatically tell who you are. Sure, your logo isn’t recognizable to everyone, but for those that want to follow your brand on Facebook? They will be able to tell your Facebook page is designated to your indie studio, and that’s exactly what you want.

Clear, professional, and recognizable – the three elements of a solid profile picture.


Fill out your About section

I understand: it’s a pain to fill out the About section of your Facebook page. Yet, it’s a necessity – and you need to do it. Include your address, contact information, and your business hours.

Now, your indie studio probably does not have a physical location (i.e. you conduct your work remotely). If this is the case (and your Facebook page is not classified as a ‘Brand’ page) on your Facebook page select ‘Edit Page,’ ‘Update Page Info,’ ‘Category,’ then select ‘Brand.’

Now for the most important part of the About section – the short description! Select ‘Edit Page’ once again, then select ‘Update Page Info.’ From there, click the pencil icon next to ‘Short Description’ and edit accordingly.

Quick Tip: Be sure to insert the URL of your homepage at the beginning of the short description, as well as the ‘Mission and Company Overview’ to ensure this is the first thing visitors see. This will ensure that visitors on a desktop and a mobile device alike are able to view your URL easily.

Use up to 100 additional characters to tell visitors who you are. This could be challenging, but be concise with your language to avoid confusion.


After auditing your Facebook page, ensure that you are posting three types of posts every day: text updates, links, and photos. And if you don’t have time? No problem! Use these Chrome extensions to simplify your marketing efforts!


Do you have any questions for auditing your Facebook page? Let us know in the comments below!

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