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3 Mar 2014

Gaming Trends to Watch in 2014 from Mobile World Congress

Although the Mobile World Congress is primarily centered on the latest tech innovations, many of the trends that were presented at this year’s conference will have a direct impact in the mobile game industry as well. Game studios, designers, and app developers will have to tweak and adapt their applications and practices to keep up with some of the popular emerging trends.

Society’s concept of what is considered gaming has expanded from consoles systems to online and now to mobile. Companies such as Rovio with their smash hit Angry Birds and King’s Candy Crush Saga have only begun to showcase the power of a successful app. People are using their smart phones and tablets more than ever before to game, engage, and connect. Mobile is definitely here to stay and so are consumer’s demand for more products and accessories that compliment their busy lives.

Players enjoy the freedom of continuing their gaming experience on-the-go and major tech manufacturers are taking notice. At this year’s Mobile World Congress it was obvious that the focus was on meeting that particular consumer need, ‘more options.’ Gadgets are going to be geared towards the expansion of users’ mobile devices.

Ouya , Gamestick, and other microconsoles have ventured into that lane in the Android market. Samsung is also introducing several tech accessories that will integrate user’s smart televisions with smart phones.

Bluetooth was also dominating the venues at the Mobile World Congress. Just about every gadget presented had a Bluetooth function of some kind. It’s definitely an angle that inventive app developers can explore in their app game designs.

Devices are also increasingly becoming more affordable opening the gateways for deeper development and app monetization options for devs.  Another trend that the industry will most likely see more of in the months to come is tech that is wearable and connected.

(Source: PocketGamer.Biz)

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