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25 Dec 2013

Gaming and the Holidays Go Hand-in-Hand

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In celebration of Christmas Day, it seems appropriate to reflect on the beauty that is the holiday season and gaming. I don’t know about you, but some of the best memories I have of the holiday season is playing video games with friends, family, and enjoying new video games year-to-year. For some reason, the holiday season truly seems to bring out the true magic of gaming. For today, let’s stop thinking about ourselves as indie developers (well, you guys can stop for today since I’m not an indie developer), and instead focus on why you chose to be an indie developer in the first place: because you love gaming.

Most of us have at least a few memories of gaming during the holidays. Whether our parents/grandparents/guardians were blown away by the new console we got for the holidays and the entire family took turns playing video games all day or whether you have a memory of doing the same with your own children, the magic of the holidays combined with the way gaming brings everyone together cannot be understated. It brings people together in a way that few other forms of entertainment can do. Certainly films bring people together in a way over the holidays in its own special way, but as for gaming? It brings people together in a more intimate way. Family can watch a terrific film together in a theatre, and while that’s great, it doesn’t hold a candle to a family trying to work together to beat a level of Super Mario World or beat their fellow family members in a few games of Bomberman. Gaming exemplifies the time we spend with family members, and it’s a thing of beauty.

As a child, we also probably have cherished memories of getting games during the holidays as well. There is nothing quite like anticipating getting that awesome game all year-round as a child, only to receive it during Christmas Day (or Festivus, etc., whatever holiday you celebrate). It makes the day that much more incredible, in that you get to relax, sit back, and play your new favorite game all day long. It’s one of the best memories you’ll have as a child gamer, and again, is a memory we all hold onto and treasure as we grow older.

The holiday season is always a great reminder as to why we love games in the first place. We love the looks on people’s faces when they play a game and beat a level, figure out a puzzle, and obtain the enjoyment of accomplishment from the game they are playing (and if they are getting this feeling from the game you developed? That feeling is definitely magical.). It’s an absolute blast to play games with those that we love as well, as the spirit of competition and discovery is certainly apparent when we game with our family during the holidays.

No matter what day you are celebrating, play some games with your loved ones today, and experience gaming in its true, natural form: a way to bring people closer together, spend quality time with one another, and give everyone a chance to experience moments of glee in a unique, awesome way. Gaming is a powerful force that is always apparent during the holiday season, so celebrate the holidays with some games – I know I will.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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