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25 Nov 2013

Game Academy Radio – Interview with Raphaël Sautron

My guest last week was Raphaël Sautron, one of the leads responsible for  Noego’s Level 22, Gary’s Misadventures. It’s certainly a strange game – part stealth adventure, part workplace comedy – yet its unique qualities really make the game stand out on its own. We discussed the game’s Indiegogo  campaign along with game development philosophies and so much more. We even discuss exactly why the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. was so fantastic (and still is), so what are you waiting for? Have a listen below!

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  1. Philip Caballero

    Thanks Dusty and Raphaël.

    I have listened to all you interviews Dusty, since Trey added you to the site.

    They are an excellent source of information and encouragement for me as a one-man indie iOS developer. Somehow the shows make me feel part of a community even though there is no two-way dialogue. It is comforting to know that some of the things that I struggle with, others have too and yet overcome them.

    BTW the sound quality of this interview is the best yet. I don’t mind if it is not live as I only listen to the replays anyway.

    Looking forward to more interesting guests.

    Kind regards,


  2. Dusty Wright

    Thank you so much Philip, I’m glad you enjoy the show as I certainly look forward to these interviews each week. I agree, the sound quality on this show was awesome, I think Raphaël had an awesome mic :).

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