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16 Dec 2013

Game Academy Radio – Interview with Andy Marsh and Gabe Jones

Episode #15 is a milestone for Game Academy Radio, in that it is the most live-listened to show of all time! Normally, the bulk of our listens comes from the archives of the show since most people cannot listen to us live, yet this time around the live listens and archived listens are nearly split evenly. An awesome achievement for the show for sure, and it probably has something to do with last week’s entertaining yet insightful guests, Andy Marsh and Gabe Jones of Fifth Column Games. The studio  is most commonly known for their social games based on some of TV’s most successful IPs such as Pawn Stars, Top Shot, and most recently, Duck Dynasty. We discuss how they obtained these IPs during the course of the interview, but the bulk of the discussion is regarding their biggest project to date, War of Omens – now being crowdfunded over at Kickstarter.

It’s a CCG (collective card game) that is one of the most unique I have ever seen, and if you remotely interested in the genre, you are going to undoubtedly be impressed. Take a listen below and listen to my conversation with the two gentlemen. From everything War of Omen to discussing empowering players via limited choice and beyond, it’s an interesting discussion to say the least, so listen below!

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