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24 Apr 2015

Free Tool Friday: TuneIn Radio

Hello everyone – and welcome to a number exciting addition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we highlight some of the best free tools out there that will help you to be more productive than ever before. We have a unique tool to show you this week that may help you to stay productive but at the very least will ensure that you have over 100,000 radio stations at your disposal. I’m talking about one of the first dance I ever installed on a smartphone – TuneIn Radio.

If you are like me, then you need some sort of ambient music to work to throughout the day. I sometimes turn to Google’s awesome All Access music service, but that costs $9.99 a month (it’s worth it, but this is Free Tool Friday). Even so, sometimes there is nothing like listening to live radio to kick my productive nature into overdrive. There is something almost ambient about hearing a live transmission and even radio ads – I can’t describe it, and perhaps I’m in the minority.

If you need a free radio app that can provide you with an endless stream of music for those times when you need audio to be productive, you simply cannot beat this app. Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone,  and many other smart devices, this free app is simple and what it does, but it doesn’t to perfection. Allowing you to follow your favorite stations (and podcasts if you enjoy listening to that sort of thing while you work) on literally any smart device you own, this is the radio app that follows you. For fans of radio, there simply is not a better app out there!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday! Do you have a free tool that you want to see mentioned in a future installment of FTF? Let us know in the comments below!

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