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22 May 2015

Free Tool Friday: Time Out

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Hello everyone – and welcome to another exciting edition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we take a look at a free tool designed to help you to work better than ever, and we have a fantastic one yet again for you guys. Today, we’re looking at the free Mac app Time Out!

Time Out exists for one reason: to let you know when you need to take a break. We all overwork ourselves from time-to-time by forgetting to take a regular break – which leads to fatigue, the inability to focus properly, and backaches. With Time Out, you can select two kinds of break: normal breaks (for 10-minutes after 50-minutes of work) and microbreaks (pausing for 10-seconds every 10-minutes). Whichever method you prefer, the results are the same: you’re going to feel  better and will get more work done than ever.

Time Out also allows you to configure how long each break lasts and how long you want to work between breaks. When it’s time to take a break, your Mac’s screen will slowly dim, and once the break is over, it fades back to your normal desktop. A progress bar is displayed on your screen showing you how long you  have until your next break, but if you simply need to keep working, you have the option of postponing it (though it isn’t recommended as it defeats the purpose of the app).

Completely customizable yet extremely handy, Time Out is an awesome app that you need in your work life. Give it a shot today, and if you have another tool you want to see mentioned in another installment of Free Tool Friday? Let us know in the comments below! Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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