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20 Feb 2015

Free Tool Friday: Pushbullet

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Happy Friday everybody and welcome to another fantastic edition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we showcase a free tool that can be used to help your indie studio flow better than ever before and ensure that you stay as productive as possible. This week’s free tool will help all of you any developers with the latter. I am talking about Pushbullet – a free Android app that is sure to help all of you devs that have problems with continuously looking down at your smartphone.

Pushbullet is great due to its simplicity. With Pushbullet, any time you get a notification on your smartphone while you are working at your computer, Pushbullet will shoot the notification to the computer so you can see it on your monitor. That in itself will save you smartphone addicts pretty fair portion of your time, but Pushbullet is more powerful than that.

In addition, Pushbullet also makes it easy to send files from your computer to your smartphone with a single click. Personally, I hate sending files from my PC to my smartphone; even with a cloud storage service such as Dropbox installed on my computer, it isn’t as instantaneous as I would like it to be. Pushbullet solves this by transferring files over with one quick click.

While this app only has a few functions, the few functions it has are absolutely perfect. If you have an Android device, you need to be using Pushbullet! Do you have an idea for a free tool that you believe needs to be showcased on a future installment of Free Tool Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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