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5 Jun 2015

Free Tool Friday:

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Hello everyone – and welcome to another exciting edition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we highlight a free tool destined to make your indie studio more productive than ever before, and this week is no exception. We’re taking a look at the awesome app for iOS!

Touted as the ultimate productivity community, the way works is pretty simple. Create a goal using the app, and let other people in the community help you achieve it. The app shows the progress you’ve made on the goal, celebrates certain milestones you’ve met, and get help from the community. Set weekly targets, be reminded of the milestones you have yet to meet, and even find a coach that will help you to meet and exceed your goals.

The goal of is to force you to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Because you theoretically have an entire community rooting for you, this increases the odds of you meeting your goals – and when you feel good about it, you’re more inclined to help others with their goals. It’s an app that makes accountability fun and rewarding, so give it a shot today!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday! Do you have a tool that you feel should be featured in a future installment of Free Tool Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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