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19 Sep 2014

Free Tool Friday: Audacity

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Happy Friday everyone – and welcome to another installment of Free Tool Friday. Every week, I bring to you a free tool and/or resource that will help you to make your indie games even better than ever, and this week is no exception. This week, I’m focusing on an audio editor/recorder that I personally have been using for nearly a decade: Audacity.

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating systems, Audacity makes it simple to record your live audio and edit it almost any way you can imagine. With the ability to edit a ton of different sound files and splice, mix, copy, or cut other types of audio together, Audacity is a powerhouse of a tool that makes audio editing a breeze. While the UI takes a little getting used to, once you figure it out? I guarantee it will become one of your go-to, free audio editors that you use regularly.

Change the speed and the pitch of any recording if you wish. Change the volume levels if you desire. Dub over past tracks to create multi-track recordings if that’s something you want to do. Heck, read Audacity’s feature list here to see what it’s about for yourself. The great thing about Audacity? They are still updating Audacity today and adding new features regularly, so it’s worth using.

Plus, Audacity can even convert cassette tapes and records into a digital file format of your choice. You probably won’t be using this feature when creating and editing audio for your indie game, but it’s really cool nonetheless.

Download Audacity for free here, and learn why it’s still one of the most trusted open-source audio editing tools out there.

That’s all for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday. Do you have a tool you want to see mentioned in a future installment? Let us know in the comments below!

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