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17 Apr 2015

Free Tool Friday: Alfred

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Hello everyone – and welcome to another exciting edition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we take a look at a free tool designed to help you to become more productive and ultimately get more accomplished than ever before. After last week’s Free Tool Friday, I noticed that a few people wanted a Mac alternative to our highlighted tool, XMind. Thus, it made me realize something: we have never mentioned a Mac tool here on Free Tool Friday!

That changes this week with one of the best productivity apps available for the Mac – period! I’m talking about Alfred: a productivity suite that transforms your Mac into a productivity powerhouse. Complete with a ton of features (so we are not going to get into every one of them), Alfred allows you to find apps and files with relative ease. How so? Because Alfred actually learns which apps and files you access the most. But that is not all: Alfred also allows you to customize how you search the entire Web! By searching within Alfred, you can customize searches to yield fully customized search results just for you. For example, if you simply want to search for indie dev tools in a wiki, you can prefix your search with the keyword ‘wiki’ to fine-tune your search.

But Alfred does not merely help you to search faster than ever. Alfred also allows you to create and even import workflows as well. By connecting hotkeys, keywords, and various actions together, you can customize out for to do anything that your mind can think of without ever knowing a lot of code. Alfred also allows you to export your customized workflows, and because Alfred has a pretty strong development community, you can easily import user-created workflows as well.

Finally (and we are not even close to highlighting all of the awesome features of Alfred), Alfred lets you save snippets of text that you use on a regular basis. For example, if you are regularly emailing your team, you can save all of their address in one snippet. With one press of a keyboard shortcut, their email addresses will appear in the respective field of your email client.

With the ability to store your contacts, extensively search every aspect of your Mac, and so much more, Alfred is one of the most flexible and powerful productivity suites we have ever seen. We haven’t even scratched the surface of how Alfred can boost your productivity better than ever, so give it a shot today!

Is there a free tool that you want to see mentioned in a future installment of Free Tool Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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