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26 Jun 2015

Free Game Art Assets & Resources for Indie Developers

If you have a killer game idea but lack the budget to invest in high-end art, do not panic. You can still make an awesome game by using free game art assets. There are six great art resource sites specifically for indie developers that provide 100% royalty free graphics, backgrounds, animated characters, and more for absolutely nothing.

Free is a price that is hard to beat, especially when it comes to game development. Anytime you can cut a corner and save without reducing quality, it’s a good move. If you can’t afford to pay an artist to design cool graphics from scratch, taking advantage of these free art resources online is ideal. Below are the top six sites to find free game art assets that are worth bookmarking.

#1  Game Art Guppy

Game Art Guppy’s slogan is ‘Made by Indies for Indies’ and it holds true to those words. The site was originally created by Vicki Wenderlich as a way to give game developers who can’t afford custom art yet an easy way to find and use free and inexpensive art in their games. The site has one of the larger selections of free game art assets for devs to choose from and many of the paid bundles are no more than $5-$20 USD. It’s a good place to go when you’re on a limited budget.

#2  Game Art 2D

Game Art 2D features a ‘Freebies’ section with free game GUI, sprites, and three different platformer tilesets. What makes this selection worth checking out is the complete sets. Although most art resource sites simply toss a free character or two at you. Game Art 2D features platform sets with scrolling backgrounds, 14 objects and decorations, and multiple file formats. Plus their paid art bundles are reasonably priced as well.

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# 3  Unlucky Studio

Unlucky Studio is a blog by author and game developer Sujit Kumar Yadav. On the blog you’ll find informative tutorials and game art assets in the form of giveaways. These game art packs be easily downloaded and they come in a broad variety which makes the site worth bookmarking for later reference. Top down vehicles, endless runner platformer sprites, and colorful power up items are often included in Unlucky Studio’s art giveaways.

#4  Game Art Partners

Game Art Partners have a great free game art assets bundle for anyone who signs up for their free newsletter. This deal is definitely worth it. For signing up to their newsletter, you get a free pixel art bundle plus five bonus art packs. Two free animated hero characters, weapon pack, and backgrounds & objects to form entire levels.

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Game Partners also feature high quality art bundles that are priced in various tiers based on usage. For example, hero character bundle pack with editable animations can cost roughly $15 for use in a single app, for use in up to 3 apps it’s set slightly higher at $25, and for use in an unlimited number of apps it’s around $35 USD.

#5  Graphic Buffet

Another art resource site that’s bookmark worthy is Graphic Buffet. In their freebies section you’ll find free Star Wars inspired starships, spikes to use in platform style games, and an assortment of weapons. Similar to Game Art Guppy they also feature low priced 2D game art assets for under $20 which can be used in a variety of different types of games. Platformers to space adventures there’s most likely a bundle available that will suit your needs.

#6  SpriteLand

SpriteLand is a game art resource site that you can use to find free graphics/sprites for your mobile games. Characters, animals, objects, and vector background images are all available for free. They also have tutorial videos, games you can play, and webcomics just for fun.

Game Art Guppy and SpriteLand are just some of the top art resource sites for indie developers to find free game art assets and bundles. Feel free to share below in the comments section your favorite ‘Go-to’ site for a good deal on art.

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