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7 Nov 2014

FarmVille Co-Creators Aim to Help App Developers Market on Facebook

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A new app-marketing product called Toro was recently launched geared towards app developers interested in promoting their games on Facebook. Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney who served as co-founders at MyMiniLife, the Zynga-acquired startup that helped create the social game hit known as FarmVille formed Toro. The duo raised $1.5 million from a long list of notable investors like General Catalyst, Greylockk Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and SV Angel to establish their startup, Red Hot Labs. Toro will be Red Hot Labs first product.

The product was created to help solve a common dilemma that many mobile app developers face when it comes to acquiring users through advertising without going over budget. Toro is designed to make launching and optimizing any app install ad campaign on Facebook extremely easy. In an interview Mahajan compared the product to the payment company Stripe, which he stated “simplified something that was a necessary part of running a business.”

Mahajan explained that he focused Toro on Facebook due to the fact that the social platform’s ads deliver high-quality users when targeted properly. Facebook has also been expanding beyond app install ads to help developers and publishers keep users engaged.

What can Toro do for App Developers?

Toro is set to automatically generate what Mahajan refers to as ‘hundreds of variants’ of a given campaign, split test them all to find what works best and adjust it according to a developer’s budget instantly. The program uses the information and assets entered by the developer which produces a more streamlined and efficient ad campaign with minimal maintenance. According to Mahajan, users only have to check on it every couple of days. It’s a “real self-serve tech product, not an agency or service business,” says Mahajan. It wouldn’t be possible for a human account manager to produce and test all the variants possible with Toro.

Currently Red Hot Labs is working with clients from gaming companies like Bee Cave and Betable, social discovery service Sosh, mobile search engine Quixey, and on-demand phone number service Burner.

For more information about Toro you can visit their website.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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