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3 Apr 2015

Expanding Your Indie Studio: Hiring Professionals To Maximize Time

Expanding your indie studio begins with maximizing your time – and what better way to maximize time than to hire professionals to do the bulk of your work for you? As an indie developer, you want to focus on only one thing: developing indie games and making the very best games that you can muster. Yet, so much of being an indie developer involves having to market your game consistently, deal with customers, and other tasks that get in the way of developing games.

Not too long ago, I remember an indie developer said that most of his time was not spent developing games but enticing people to buy his games. Something doesn’t seem right about that. If exposing your brand to the masses is getting in the way of doing what you do best, then it is time to rethink how you run your business. Again, it all goes back to maximizing your time so you will have as much time as possible to develop your games. This begins with hiring professionals to do those tasks that keep you away from doing what you do best. If you want your indie studio to flourish, then you need to hire the professionals below.

Hire a marketing expert

How much extra time would you have to develop indie games if you didn’t have to market your brand anymore? You may not have to you hire a marketing expert worthy of your time. The best marketing experts will not only inform you about proven strategies to reach your target market, but they will consistently market your studio on social media, reach out to other professionals to create helpful content for your brand (such as keyword-focused blogs and informative infographics) that will keep new people flocking to your studio, and so much more.

The best marketing experts are usually not cheap, but if you can afford to hire such an expert right now, you may find that hiring such a pro will pay for itself in no time. Plus, you have the freedom to work on the projects that you are passionate about.

Strongly consider hiring a personal assistant

How much time do you spend writing emails, tweeting to other developers in hopes that the two you can cross-promote, reaching out to the press, and the like? Probably way too much. You never really think about how much time you spend doing those many, few-minute tasks that you have to do daily – but it adds up. This will cut into the time that you can spend developing your games, and can cause you to be behind on your projects.

That is where hiring a personal assistant comes in.

A personal assistant worth hiring will be able to do all of these tasks for you without fail. Be sure to let them know what you need before you assign the task to them so there isn’t any confusion or mistakes made (which could cause you to lose even more time than before).

Customer service reps are a must

Especially if your indie studio expands drastically. Social media has changed the game when it comes to customer service. Customers usually go to a brand’s social media page to ask questions, give comments, or complain about any issues associated with your products. Not only that, but they expect to have a reply within an hour during regular business hours.

If you have a growing customer base and you have a lot of people asking you questions, you can see how swimmingly this is going to go. You are not going to be able to answer everyone on your own, customers are going to get mad, and it is not going to be a great situation for anyone. Thus, your indie studio needs a customer service representative (or a few reps) ready to answer any questions that your customers may have during normal hours. By replying to emails, answering questions of social media, replying to complaints on the review section of your store pages, and beyond, they will save you an absurd amount of time right from the start. Simply inform them to send you any issues that your customers are having with your games, and the only thing you have to do after that is fix the problems.

That is the beauty of hiring professionals to do your dirty work for you: even when you are dealing with customers, you are still doing what you love to do the most – building games. To have the clarity of mind to know that every time you go to work you had to focus on the one task that got you into this business in the first place is more than worth the cost of hiring professionals to work for you. Consider doing it, and we guarantee that you will never want to go back!

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