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7 Nov 2014

EEDAR Report Reveals Top Discoverability Sources for Mobile Games

Research Firm EEDAR recently released a free report called ‘Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming.’ The report breaks down mobile game users, their behavior, top discoverability sources, and the entire North American (U.S. and Canada) mobile game market. There are two versions of this report a free downloadable PDF version and a paid extended edition available by request.

Top Discoverability Sources for Mobile Games

According to the report in Q3 of this year there were an estimated 142 million North American mobile game players which was up from the 111 million users in 2013. Mobile game players generated a whopping $4.63 billion in revenue. For their research the firm surveyed 3,500 users to find out they discover new mobile games.  With discoverability being one of the biggest concerns among game developers, the report reveals some interesting findings on where and how mobile users discover new games. Based on the statistics the highest source is the top charts list in the App Store the second however was via ‘word of mouth’ which means the way you market your game can play a huge role in how quickly your game gains exposure. The notorious ‘Flappy Bird’ game is a perfect example of the power of ‘word of mouth’ in today’s mobile game industry.

Facebook + YouTube = Visibility

Following closely behind for top discoverability sources were ‘saw someone play’, ‘friend’s Facebook post’, ‘video service’, ‘Facebook invite’, and ‘Facebook Ad.’ Facebook is apparently a major source for mobile game discovery, which is interesting. Mainstream media was listed at the bottom of the charts with an average of 13%. The data from EEDAR’s report proves that a developer doesn’t have to have a big budget to promote their game but a Facebook account and online presence is definitely important.

The data also showed a significant increase in videos via YouTube and Everplay becoming popular discoverability sources. Last year, videos were ranked as 12th out of 17 choices as most-used discovery source and this year they rank 6th.

You can access EEDAR’s free ‘Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming’ report here.

(Source: Gamasutra)

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