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8 Jul 2014

Don’t Let Your Good Indie Game Ideas Go To Waste – Capture Them

As an indie developer, you need to always be prepared for inspiration when it appears. Some of the best ideas will come to you when you least expect them, too. From shopping in the super market to taking a jog to even eating dinner with your significant other, inspiration doesn’t care what you are doing the moment it arrives. Thus, you need to be prepared to capture said inspiration whenever it comes to you. Here are a few ways to capture your thoughts the moment you get a great idea so you can be assured that you never lose an idea ever again.


Stop what you are doing and capture the inspiration

Of course, this is easier said than done. Even so, you need to stop what you are doing the moment you get a great idea (or what you think is a great idea – those are obviously two different things) and record it for later. Write it down if you have a pen and paper handy, or record the idea using the voice recorder app on your smartphone. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, most mobile phones come equipped with some sort of voice recording tool anyway, so use it to capture your idea so you don’t lose it. Because…


Great ideas can come and go in a flash

Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep, had a great idea, then told yourself, “I’ll write it down in the morning,” only to find that you forgot what the idea was when you woke up? It’s happened to the best of us, which is why you need to also keep a pen and notebook by your bed at all times. You’ll be surprised how many great ideas you write down whenever you are lying in bed, and who knows? The next big idea you think of could be the basis behind your next indie game.

Additionally, always carry a small notebook in your back pocket or purse. I started doing this a few years ago myself, and I found that whenever I stopped to write down any good ideas I have pertaining to my writing, I would quickly fill up my notebook. It’s amazing how many great ideas we have whenever we’re just living life.

I had enough good ideas to fill up my first notebook in a few short months. How long will it take you to fill up your notebook will great ideas?


A pool of great ideas

Have you ever found yourself straining to come up with a great idea? Awesome ideas cannot be forced – but they can certainly be collected! The great thing about writing your ideas down as you think of them is that you can have a collection of stellar ideas to choose from when you need new prototypes to work with. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked over my notes, found an interesting idea I had months ago, and used it in my current work. The crazy thing about it? I would have completely forgot about the idea if I had failed to record it in some manner!


This is a short and easy tip for today, but believe me: it works – and works well. Use these tips to ensure that no matter when you become inspired and have a great idea, you are always prepared to record the idea and use it in your future projects. Believe me: you will be glad you followed today’s advice!

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  1. We tweet our ideas on a non-connected Twitter account, which is perfect for us. By non-connected, meaning we do not promote it nor share any links to it, not even here.

    The benefits of this method are:
    1) Access: Twitter is accessible on most devices
    2) Brevity: The twitter limit forces consolidation of the idea
    3) Testing: Maybe one day people will like the ideas, Follow, Re-Tweet, and over time we’d know which one is the Hit we should make

    A lot of designers may feel their ideas need to be kept secret until they are ready. We look at it differently, we log so many that there’s plenty to go around, and we keep creating more. They’re all gems, too. Not just “Largest MMO RPG ever”. 😉

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