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13 Jun 2014

Dev of iOS Game A Dark Room, Sheds Light on Power of Content

Is it possible to create an exciting mobile gaming experience without eye-catching graphics? The developer of the iOS text-based adventure A Dark Room, Amirali Rajan believes it’s achievable. In a recent interview with the app developer suggested that more attention should be focused on a game’s content during the development process instead of visual perfection.

A Dark Room – Content minus the Visuals

Amirali Rajan’s A Dark Room is a paid text only role-playing game available on the iOS for $0.99 USD. Unlike most RPG-genre apps it has a very clean minimalist interface layout. There are no animations or character images only a white background and dialogue text. The content is the sole focus. In the game players find themselves stranded in a strange mysterious land with beasts lurking in the wilderness. The primary objective is survival. Players have to gather resources, explore, take up odd jobs from nearby townsfolk, fight off hostile wanderers and battle the monsters that lie in wait in the shadows. As players progress the secret behind the troubled world is revealed. It’s a very interesting storyline.

“Only using words is a wonderful constraint,” said Rajan on the making of A Dark Room.

“I wish more creators would place emphasis on content. I can’t count the number of websites I go to that flood the view with images, animations, and photos when they should be putting emphasis on the written word.

Given that A Dark Room is completely text based, putting lipstick on a pig by placing flashy graphics, explosions, or sound effects wasn’t an option.”

According to Amirali Rajan, having content as the game’s core gives not only the creators of the app but the players as well a form of clarity.

Currently the game is receiving an estimated 1,000 downloads per day and is ranked #12 in US Games. The app’s success so far proves Rajan’s point that quality content should be an important factor.

(Source: PocketGamer.Biz)

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