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18 Jul 2014

Consider These Productivity Tools This Weekend

And utilize them starting next week. We’ve discussed productivity in-depth here at Game Academy, but even so, there are some great productivity tools out there that can make your work day easier and ultimately, more productive (and everybody wants that, right?). Thus, we urge you to consider the productivity tools below this weekend, and implement them once the work week begins.


Remember the Milk

One of the most powerful ways to manage your tasks daily, Remember the Milk eliminates the need for sticky pads, notes jotted down on scrap paper, and more. Instead, simply write a task that you need to remember and never forget the task again. The best part about Remember the Milk? It is available for iOS, Android, and Google Chrome – meaning you can write down the task you need to remember wherever you are. You can integrate your tasks into Google Calendar, Outlook, Gmail, Evernote – even Twitter!

Best part of all? As a pro user, you can sync your tasks across all of your devices. It’s a great way to stay on task at all times, and it’s worth considering.



If you’re like me, you spend too much time reading articles, blog posts (like ours), and the like instead of actually working. It’s kind of a catch-22: you want to educate yourself to improve your craft, yet it takes a lot of time to do so. What can you do to educate yourself while staying productive?

Consider SoundGecko: a tool that reads websites, documents, and news to you while you work. Using its stellar text-to-audio transcription, SoundGecko will transcribe the document for you on-the-fly and read it back to you with amazing accuracy. I transcribed a post I wrote yesterday, and it read the entire thing to me without any errors in only a few minutes.

For those long articles you have to set aside time to read? It’s perfect.

It’s also available for iOS, Google Play, and Windows Phone. You can even log into your account and download an MP3 version of the transcribed content as well so you can listen to it whenever you wish!



We’ve discussed Basecamp more than once, and for good reason: it’s absolutely incredible for keeping yourself organized and your outsourced workers. Allowing you to create projects, add projects that are related to your to-do lists (that’s where Remember the Milk comes in handy), create/manage your calendars, and more, Basecamp is a tool that will become the central hub for how your run your day-to-day operations. If your work life is a mess and you don’t know how to organize it all, this is the best place to start.

There are tons of other tools out there that will help you to stay productive, so we want to hear from you guys. Which tools do you use to keep your productivity at an all-time high? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. peter

    I can’t imagine work without password manager. It can save me a lot of time because it fills forms with login names and passwords automatically, create passwords for me and the best thing is that I don’t have to remember passwords and in case of lost email somewhere or call support. I am using Sticky password manager (

    1. Great suggestion. It’s a tool I forgot to include but I can’t imagine living without one either. I use LastPass Premium, which saves all of my credentials, fills in forms automatically on my PC or Android device, and even assesses how strong my passwords from time to time. I agree with you: password managers are vital.

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