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27 Jan 2015

Can’t Find A Game Jam? Create One Online via

Game jams are awesome – it’s as simple as that. They’re a great way to grow as an indie developer while challenging yourself to see if you can develop a playable game within 48 hours. If you are unfamiliar with game jams, our post will clear the air on why game jams are so special. Give it a read and meet us back here.

Still intrigued? We knew you would be; and we’re glad you are. This week, we are going to be taking a closer look at game jams and how you can get the most out of them – starting today with this quick tip on how you can participate in a game jam from anywhere in the world! That’s right: if you have no idea where to start or have no clue if a game jam is located in your area, you can still participate thanks to the power of the Internet and the awesome fellows over at

If you are ready to create your own game jam, head over here to learn more about creating your own online game is pretty flexible with the types of game jams you can create too. Whether you want to create a game jam with a minimum entry fee, a deadline, no deadline, completely online, half online and half local, game jams where the public votes on their favorite games, or if you want to do a custom game jam, it doesn’t matter: has you covered. Simply create a free account and start creating your own game jam.

That’s it! Creating your own game jam via is extremely easy, but is also a very powerful way to bring other indie developers together and hone your skills. Tons of great indie games stem from game jams, so who knows? Maybe your next big game will come from one of your online game jams as well! Give it a shot today, and have a blast!


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