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11 Jul 2014

Build Relationships on Social Media to Improve Marketing

Yesterday, I wrote a post highlighting LinkedIn Power Tips. The interested thing about the post is while I was writing it, I noticed that the underlying theme became about creating relationships to improve your indie studio’s awareness. Essentially – building relationships in order to market.

There is a lot to say about this; thus, that’s the result of today’s post. Building relationships with your fanbase and professionals in the field can help your indie studio to become more noticed than ever. Here is how building quality relationships on social media that can help you to improve marketing of your indie studio better than ever.


Customer service on social media

Why? Because most of your past, present, and future customers are already using it! What better way to reach out to your fanbase and provide them with the customer service that they need then via the platform they all use! Make customer service easy on yourself, and reach out to your customers via social media.

Use Twitter and Facebook to provide real-time customer service. Not only is this easier on you, but it will also let your followers know that you are in the business of ‘helping’ your customers whenever they have a problem. It’s transparent customer service that, if done properly, will also improve your online reputation as well.

As we all know, keeping a good online reputation among your customers and the public is one of the best ways to ensure that you, well, stay in business. This is the best way to show everyone that you are dedicated to providing the best customer service whenever your customers need it, so consider implementing it ASAP.



Provide a value in exchange for email addresses

One of the best ways to spread the word about your indie games and your studio as a whole is to collect email addresses and conduct email campaigns (more on that in a future post). But before you can do that, you have to collect email addresses, and one of the best ways to do this is via social media.

The trick is to provide a value for your followers in exchange for their email address. Think about what you can offer your fans. For example, you could offer your fans a demo of your upcoming indie game if they provide you with their email address.

Simply provide this free demo (that requires an email address to obtain it, of course) on your website, and then promote the link as a sponsored story on Facebook.

It’s worth sharing on other social media platforms such as Twitter as well, but the bulk of your leads will probably stem from Facebook.

From there, your followers will share their email address with you in exchange for the demo, thus providing you with a database of email addresses you can use to run email campaigns for your indie studio. It’s as simple as that!


Follow your customers on Twitter when applicable

One of the great things you can do to build trust is to actually follow some of your more vocal followers on Twitter. Whenever a brand followers an ordinary person, it makes the individual feel special. That customer that keeps re-tweeting your posts and commenting on every tweet? Follow them! Get to know them as an individual and form a bond with them.

Customers that feel valued will keep supporting you and will tell everyone they know about how awesome your indie studio truly is. Get to know them. Follow them on Twitter. Your indie studio will benefit from it.


Be proactive – gain their trust!

That’s the key to all of this: strive to gain your customer’s trust! Actively form relationships, bond with your customers, and show them that you value them. They will learn to trust you and will certainly support your brand going forward, so again, be proactive! Gain the trust of your customers, and you will reap the rewards!


Have any questions or comments regarding building relationships for marketing purposes? Let us know in the comments below!

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