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21 Apr 2015

Boost Productivity By Changing Where You Work

If you are living in the United States right now, then you are probably having a difficult time staying productive thanks to the endless rays of sunshine and clear, blue skies. Spring is well underway here – and Summer is not far off. It makes for great scenery and warm weather, but as far as your productivity is concerned? This beautiful weather is a detriment to your productivity.

I know most of you guys are like this: whenever you see the sunshine outside, it immediately makes you want to stop working for the day, take the day off, and enjoy the warm weather for a change. Yet, if you want to pay the bills and stay on track with your projects, this is the worst thing that you can do. Thus, I want to take a break from our regular posts today and provide you with a few alternative locations where you can work that will break up the monotony of working from your office, make you feel as if you are experiencing the warmer weather, and boost productivity as well. Work at one of these locations below, and comment in the box below to tell us if the tip did anything to boost productivity!

For the dev that doesn’t mind a little noise

Coffee shop

Although the coffee shop is an old standby for working outside of the office, there is a reason for this: coffee shops have more than enough space for you to get things done. Unless you are planning to work during the early morning hours at a coffee shop (I highly suggest not doing this), it is fairly easy to find an area off in the corner somewhere where you can work privately. Plus, if you get hungry or thirsty, you have a new assortment of refreshments to choose from!

Food court

Sometimes, we get absolutely sick of working from our home office by ourselves. When this happens, there is no better cure then working around a lot of people. This makes the food court at your local mall an ideal place to work. Not only will you (probably) be able to find a place to sit and work, but your mind is going to be trick you into thinking that you are actually being sociable. When you simply need to get out of your office, see a little sunshine, and have a little human interaction (even if you do not interact with anyone else one-on-one), the food court – when you can find an appropriate seat – is an ideal place to work.


If you do not mind a ton of screaming kids and their parents begging them to behave, then a park is one of the best areas to work during this beautiful time of year. You can usually find an empty park bench, a picnic table, or an open area of grass that is perfect for sitting down a blanket and working. Who knows? Depending on your park, it may also be pretty quiet!

For the dev that needs peace and quiet


It is an old standby for a reason. Your local library seems to entice productivity for some reason. In my early days of freelancing (when I was fresh out of college and still had access to my university library), I would often sit at a table in the morning, bring some water, coffee, and some snacks, and work for hours. The amount of writing I got done was insane, and because of the unique environment of the library.

I’m not giving you guys any new information you do not already know: the library is really quiet. Furthermore, it’s pretty hard to be distracted at the library. Simply set your laptop on the table, start working, and you’re going to be amazed by how productive you can actually be. If your library has an outside area to work at, even better!

Deli (mid-afternoon only)

If you have ever strolled over to your local deli for a late lunch, then you probably know that the deli is usually pretty dead around the mid-afternoon. If you need an hour or two to work yet you cannot focus, go to your local deli (or the equivalent) and get to work. You will find that it is a lot like working in a coffee shop, only quieter!

And if you find that your local deli is not quite enough, go find an equivalent to the deli that is typically quiet during the mid-afternoon (bars are usually a fairly quiet place to work during the mid-afternoon as well).

Your back porch

Sometimes, the easiest way to change the environment where you work (while also enjoying the sunny weather) is to grab a chair and sit on your back porch. It is a nice and refreshing change of pace that is certain to boost productivity quite easily. Plus, you will be in a better mood!

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