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28 Jul 2014

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Indie Game’s Workload

As an indie developer, you probably outsource at least a little bit of your work. I don’t have to tell you about the benefits of outsourcing, because if you’re actively outsourcing, you see the benefits every single day (especially if you hire awesome workers). But for those that haven’t made the jump to outsourcing their work? Read one of our past posts regarding outsourcing, then come back to today’s post, as it has been written primarily for you.

It’s a new week, so why not consider working a little differently. Below are a few of the many benefits to outsourcing your indie projects to other workers.


Pay when you need work

As opposed to paying workers a full-time salary to work every single day, by outsourcing your work, you only pay when you need actual work! Thus, you only pay for actual work, saving you time and money in the process. The downside? It can be difficult to get your best workers to come back to you whenever you need them to work on new projects – especially the longer you wait.

Believe it or not, but your outsourced workers are not going to wait on you to provide them with work. Chances are if you have gaps between providing your outsourced workers with work, they are going to find it elsewhere. Thus, the trick is to always keep your outsourced workers busy with something. Keep them committed to your projects at all times, keep challenging your best workers, and they will likely be around whenever you need them the most.


Saves time

To say that outsourcing your indie game’s content saves time is a vast understatement. Instead of hiring an in-house team to develop your indie game from the get-go, you can hire simultaneous artists, musicians, etc. to create your assets, music – anything you need to go into your indie game. Just think: instead of laying the responsibility of creating your indie game’s assets on just a few in-house employees, you have access to outsourced workers all over the world! By hiring simultaneous outsourced workers to work on your indie game, you are going to save an enormous amount of time before production – and this saves money!


Saves so much money

Think about what you would have to do if you hired a bunch of in-house workers. For starters, you would have to buy necessary equipment (i.e. workstations), office equipment, software licenses, etc. – and that’s just items off the top of my head. You would have to spend thousands of dollars just to get your project off the ground. By outsourcing your workers, you don’t have to worry about any of this. There is literally no overhead when it comes to getting your project off the ground, allowing you to focus on the creation of games rather than worrying about how they are going to be made.


Staying competitive

Instead of designing your art assets yourself, you are able to focus on what’s most important in developing video games: actually developing video games! You don’t have time to worry about learning to how create art assets that are ideal for your indie game, nor do you have time to teach yourself how to create a catchy beat. Instead, you are able to leave that to the professionals, obtain their assets, piece them together, and focus on developing the best game possible.

This (in my opinion, anyway), is the most appealing facet of outsourcing the entire development process. By focusing on the most important aspect of indie development (actually developing indie games) you are able to stay competitive, stay fresh, and hone your craft as an indie developer. Your outsourced workers? They get to do the same.

It’s a win/win for everyone: every person knows their place, focuses on their tasks at hand, and (in a perfect world, anyway) delivers top-quality results every single time.


Outsourcing your workload is what’s best for your indie studio. Have any questions/comments regarding outsourcing? Let us know in the comments below!

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