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6 May 2015

Beginning Indie Game Marketing: Why Do You Need A Facebook Page, Anyway?

Because we always have a wealth of new readers here at Game Academy, we’ve been featuring beginning indie game marketing tips the last few weeks designed to answer those important questions you may have about marketing your indie studio to its fullest potential. Today, we’re focusing on marketing your indie studio on Facebook, and as we stated yesterday, it’s still one of the best ways to market your indie studio on a nothing budget. Besides that, why else do you need a Facebook Page? Thanks to the always great resource Social Media Examiner, we have a few reasons why even now, a Facebook Page is absolutely mandatory.

Establishes a certain level of trust

One of the great things about Facebook Pages is that it allows your customers to write testimonials and reviews about your indie studio (as long as you set it up as a local business, that is – highly recommended that you do this). Best of all? If you want testimonials for your indie studio’s website, you can add them via embedding a review onto your website straight from your Facebook Page!

The perfect way to engage

We’ve mentioned before about going the extra mile to influence your indie studio’s customers, and there is arguably no better way to do this than using your Facebook Page. You will have ample opportunities to engage with them every single day! The best way to do this? Published compelling content regularly.

Social Media Examiner suggests that you use the 80/20 rule when engagement with your Facebook audience: in other words, ensure that 80-percent of your shared content is for your audience (e.g. helpful blog posts, tips, advice, etc.) while making the other 20-percent about your business (in other words, promoting your indie studio, new updates, games, etc.). This will ensure that your audience engages (the keyword for this tip) with your content and opens themselves up for interesting conversation. Your audience will notice that you are a real person (as we’ve stated many times, this is absolutely important), and that’s powerful!

Advertise yourself

One of  the newest features Facebook has implemented as of late is allowing you to place ads within the news feed itself (as opposed to placing your ad on the right side of user’s new feed). The only catch is that you can only link to a current Facebook Page. If you want extra eyeballs on your Facebook Page though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Get opinions from the source

Do you constantly wonder how your indie studio be improved? Then this last beginning indie game marketing tip is for you. If there is a problem associated with your indie studio and it needs vast improvements, then your audience is going to tell you about it by way of comments on your posts, messaging your directly in Facebook, and more. On the other hand, if you want to know if your games and studio at large could use any improvements, it’s the best way to reach out to your audience and ask them what could be improved.

The point is this: your Facebook fans are essentially the pulse of your entire indie studio’s audience, and as such they can provide you with blunt criticism on what’s working well and what needs to be improved. When you need to know how to improve your business, go to the source!

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