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30 Oct 2014

Why Should You Ask For Reviews, Anyway?

Yesterday, I wrote a post detailing how to hire professionals to review your indie game. It’s an important topic because indie developers rarely consider hiring reviewers to write a review for them. But why should you do it? Below are a few reasons why hiring reviewers to review your indie game is at least worth a consideration.

Quick note: As we mentioned yesterday, you need to stress to your hired reviewers that they need to review your indie game honestly. People can see through a fake review, which will discredit your indie game and possible harm your reputation. You are just wanting people to play and write an honest review of your game, so stress this.

Increase your recognition faster

Reviews are a great way to increase your recognition quickly. Unfortunately, in order to get a bunch of reviews, your indie game needs to be known to the masses. We mentioned yesterday that this is a sort of catch-22: if nobody is playing your indie game, nobody is reviewing it and vice-versa. The best way to fix this? You guessed it: hiring reviewers to review your indie game. With more reviews will come more views, and eventually? (Hopefully) more purchases.

Solidify a rating from the get-go

You want your indie game to have a solid rating as soon as possible, and obtaining paid reviews early in the release of your indie game is the best way to do this. The best part about this? If your indie game is well-received from nearly anyone that plays it, you’re indie game is going to get an awesome rating quickly – which could result in your indie game getting a lot of buyers right out of the gate.

No need to wait for ordinary people to discover your game

In fact, hiring professionals to review your indie game could allow others to discover it faster than ever. As stated in the paragraph above, this could jumpstart the reach of your indie game. The ramifications of this could be incredible, as your indie game’s reach could continue to increase as more regular players review your game (especially if they review it positively).

And that’s the main idea behind all of this: if you want your indie game to reach more potential players than ever as soon as it is released, hiring reviewers is one of the best things you can do.

It’s a short and kind of a no-brainer post to a lot of you guys, but I felt like today’s post cleared up a little bit of confusion some of you might have about hiring reviewers. Have any questions or comments about why you should hire reviewers? Let us know in the comments below!

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