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7 Mar 2014

Mixpanel Introduces a New Analytics Report to Measure App Addiction

Every app developer creates their game in hopes that it will be a success, the next big hit that people from across the world simply can’t get enough of. Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and even the infamous Flappy Bird app all have one thing in common, the addiction factor. Users find themselves compelled to keep on playing, whether it’s once a day or all day long. Player engagement is the key to app monetization success and overall revenue.

Analytics firm, Mixpanel announced today, that they’re releasing a new feature in their reports that will tell devs exactly how addictive their app is. The report is currently titled Addiction and will be available soon to Mixpanel members. It will monitor and show the frequency in which people are using their apps throughout the day. The stats are categorized by time duration allowing developers to know how often a player has engaged with their game.

Mixpanel Report Image

The Day in Mobile Report – Source: Mixpanel, Jan 2014

In order to compile this extensive amount of data the firm researched addiction across the board in apps from the social messaging and gaming to hardware. They also analyzed patterns of user behavior for each category. The results were quite surprising. Although gaming is extremely popular it is not the most addictive app. Only 22% of players fall into the addiction category Mixpanel calls the ‘three hour bucket’ in which a user plays continuously throughout the day, morning, afternoon, and evening for various lengths. The rest of gamers play at a certain time of the day for three hours or less. The firm’s data also revealed that the afternoon was the most popular time of the day among users to play app games.

“Addiction adds an extra layer of insight that allows companies to analyze user behavior on an even deeper level,” said co-founder and CEO of Mixpanel, Suhail Doshi.

“Most importantly, Addiction allows companies to now see how embedded they are into people’s daily lives – which in turn allows them to finely guage the immediate impact that product changes, new features and marketing efforts have on their customers.”

(Source: Re/Code)

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