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Amazon AppStream
13 Mar 2014

Amazon’s AppStream is Now Available to Any App Developer

According to a recent post on the Amazon Web Services Blog, the online retail giant is releasing their new app streaming service, AppStream, making it “available to all interested developers.”

Only announced last November, Amazon’s AppStream uses Amazon Web Services platform to stream apps and games from the cloud to mobile devices. The service enables users to stream content without having to download the full version of the app.

AppStream ImageDeveloper of CCP Games, Chief technology officer of Eve Online, Halldor Fannar is featured in a video discussing how he integrated the AppStream and believes it will be the future for all games. “People are more likely now to be sitting with their tablet when they’re browsing something and if it’s a way for them now to try out your game just on their tablet. It’s incredibly powerful,” commented Halldor Fannar. In a previous blog post from the month of January Amazon’s Jeff Barr also explained how the service might help the company expand its player base.

With AppStream an app developer can build complex applications specifically designed for the service that will function from simple devices. Applications can feature new and enhanced high performance 2D and 3D graphics. Client software development kits have also been improved with OSX SDK versions available. Each SDK now supports game controllers too.

Any developer interested in learning more about the service can visit Amazon’s Web Services Blog and test out a Sample AppStream Application.

AppStream might be the next step forward in the gaming industry for not only mobile apps but browser and PC titles as well. It’s rumored that Amazon also has an Android-powered set-top box that’s in the works which will allow customers to play their favorite mobile and online games on their TVs. It looks like this year will be an exciting one for gamers.

(Source: Amazon Web Services Blog)

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