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19 Mar 2014

Alternative Places to Find (and Hire) Game Artists

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When discussing the outsourcing of your indie game, more often than not, the advice you receive will send you to the top outsourcing platforms on the Web. Elance, Odesk,, just to name a few, these platforms are the top when it comes to outsourcing artists. Yet, it is not nearly the only place to go to find the best artists for your indie game – not even by a long shot.

While you should not ignore the top outsourcing sites listed above, you should consider other areas for hiring. Here, you will find some of the very best artists for your projects (and hopefully they will be a fit for your future projects). So without further ado, here are some of the places to find artists to outsource for your indie game.


I’m amazed by how many talented artists are on deviantART, and you will be too. The most artistic community on the Web, deviantART makes it simple to type in a certain keyword related to a type of art you want to view and find appropriate artwork. You can also browse via categories as well, and the best part? deviantART makes it simple to reach out to artists so you can ask them about working on your indie game. There is a slew of awesome artists on deviantART, and someone on there will almost certainly be a perfect match for your indie game.


Another place where you can find talented artists, GameArtisans consists of purely game artists showcasing their work. It’s a thriving community, and with unique art challenges taking place on a regular basis along with the ability to view portfolios of artists that frequent the site, finding an awesome artist isn’t difficult in the least. You will be glad that you visited, so check it out today!

Hire an Illustrator

The most straightforward entry on this list, Hire an Illustrator is ideal for, you guessed it: hiring artists. Essentially a directory for some of the best artists around the world, Hire an Illustrator allows you to search for artists via their name, location, or specialization and view their portfolio and website. It’s a great way to reach out to artists you would have likely never have found to begin with, and maybe (just maybe) you will find the artist ideal for your upcoming project thanks to this fantastic site!


The beauty of Dribbble is simple: it allows you to view what other artists are working on at the moment. Designed as a ‘show-and-tell’ for artists of all walks of life, Dribbble is a great place to find artists that are aligned with the type of art you are wanting in your indie game. Sporting a very clean layout that makes it simple to browse artist’s projects, Dribbble is one of the best places to find the best artists for the job!

Honorable Mention: IndieDB

IndieDB isn’t merely a community built around showcasing artwork – far from it. Instead, it’s a community designed to allow indie developers to showcase their work, get feedback on their projects, and yes – a place where creative folks (including artists) are looking for people to hire them. On the forums of IndieDB (linked above), you will find an area titled ‘Recruiting & Resumes’ that will not only allow you to state that you are looking for an artist for your project, but you can also find artists actively looking for work.

And if you need to fill other roles? IndieDB is a great place to return when you want to hire people passionate about creating games for a living. A great place to hire artists and more!

As you can clearly see, the few outsourcing sites mentioned at the first are not the only games in town – far from it! The very best artist for your indie game could very well be found at one of these awesome spots, so include them in your search when hiring your next artist.


Do you have other places where you like to search for artists? Let us know in the comments below!

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