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26 Feb 2014

6 Free Bug and Issue Tracking Apps for Devs

If you’re an app developer most likely you’ve ran into an error before or spotted a problem within your application. Thank goodness, for bug and issue tracking apps to assist in the arduous task of weeding through countless lines of code to locate the discrepancy. Although there is no shortage of bug and issue tracking tools to use when developing mobile apps, for a small indie game studio just starting out and on a budget, premium may not be the best option. Below is a list of some of the top free apps for discovering application issues, managing project schedules within systems, and receiving updated bug reports.

Bugzilla has a great free server-side bug tracking system in which users can trace bugs and various code changes, converse with team members, submit and analyze patches, and manage overall app quality. It’s compatible on multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

LogDigger ImageLogDigger is another option. It provides developers with a suite of tools to find and categorize error data and logs for Java applications. The download size is only 500KB. LogDigger allows its users to customize modules through HTTP POST with the ability to send it to their BugDigger feature for instant sorting.

Trac ImageTrac is an advanced wiki and issue tracking system that features an interface to Subversion and Git and other version control systems, delivering optimal tracking and reporting for bug issues. They also have a ticket system that allows users to issue trackers, receive updates on their project’s progress, and create custom reports.

BugLogHQ is also free. This open-source tool allows devs to automate bug reports from multiple applications with a searchable dashboard display of error messages. The software includes bonus options for managing application health. There’s also a mobile-friendly version that lets developers monitor their app activity on the go.

The SnowyEvening issue tracking application is another option for developers seeking a more streamlined method deal with various bugs. It features GitHub and jsFiddle integration with a nice dashboard interface which provides users with project summary error reports. They have an innovative history function that allows issue lists to be filtered, saved, and searched easily.

The Mantis Bug Tracker also referred to as MantisBT is an open-source issue tracker catered towards development teams. It allows an unlimited number of users to access a project, customize issues, and send mass notifications to stay updated on resolutions and workflow. MantisBT is compatible with most browsers and built on PHP.

These free software applications are only a handful of the bug and issue tracking apps for devs that are available.

(Source: Mashable)

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