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11 Jun 2014

20% of US Mobile Users Play King Games

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According to a recent report by Canadian based mobile analytics firm Mobidia, 20% of US smartphone users in their network has played one or more King games at least once during the month of May. In comparison to the average 13% of players that frequently interact with apps from Zynga and the 12% of players that prefer Supercell’s games King is leading the pack. The major publisher also ranked as the highest overall for total gameplay minutes on the Android platform. King’s mobile app engagement was calculated as double the average when compared to its competitors.

For those unfamiliar with Mobidia, the company was founded in 2004 when they introduced their award-winning application known as My Data Manager for iOS and Android. The app was designed to help mobile phone users save more money on their data plans while simultaneously boosting revenue and eliminating unnecessary costs for mobile operators. Their mobile analytics and metrics platform provide clients with deeper insights into usage trends and app discovery.

King Games vs Supercell

Mobidia’s newly released game usage data indicates some interesting patterns among the top grossing publishers. Indexed from January 2014 to May 2014, King games had the highest percentage of active players. During the past year the company has experienced a slow decline but their match-three hit Candy Crush Saga is still popular among gamers.

However, Supercell has experienced a significant increase in engagement and revenue. The company’s rise in players is primarily due to the release of their third game called Boom Beach. Since its launch in March the game has soared to the top of the iOS charts.

Although it’s clear that time spent playing games is not the most important factor for success. Puzzle & Dragons’ publisher GungHo Online ranked the lowest out of the six companies analyzed and they have one of the highest grossing global games in the industry. The data included in the report was compelling.


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