The 2015 Game Business Kit

The 2015 Game Business Kit includes a 100 page in-depth guide on how to start a game business without coding yourself. You’ll also get 3 tutorial videos that explain how to get started with your own game business.  You’ll learn everything from coming up with an idea to making and launching a successful game.  Learn how Game Academy® founder, Trey Smith, built his personal game business to over 20,000,000 downloads.

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Includes the digital version of our 100 page brand new Game Business Guide.  Learn everything about creating a game business without programming yourself.

Video 1 – Your Game Idea

The most important part of your game is what happens before you even start creating it.  It’s the idea.  Create the right idea and you can have a ton of success, but start off with the wrong idea and it will truly be an uphill battle.  In this video, Trey Smith walks you through how he’s come up with multiple game ideas including his recent hit game Phases which made it to the Top 30 of the iOS app store.

Video 2 – Creating Your Game

In this second video you’ll learn all about getting your game created. There are many options here and we’ll walk you through all of them. We’ll also show you why even if you are are a programmer, it might be beneficial to outsource this section of the business.

Video 3 – Launching Your Game

The final video in the 2015 Game Business series is all about the marketing.  You’ll learn specific tips and tricks we’ve used to launch hundreds of games with success.  For example, do you know the best day of the week to launch your game?  What about the best category?  In this video you’ll learn all of this and more.

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