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10 Apr 2015

You Will Lose Customers With These Indie Studio Customer Service Mistakes

Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding why your players may be leaving your indie game. Inspired by a fantastic post by Nathan Lovato over at GameAnalytics Blog, I urge you to read both posts to get a better understanding as to why you may be losing players. As a thought about it some more, I began to realize something: I completely left out customer service satisfaction.

It was ultimately for the best, as there is a lot to say about your indie studio’s customer service and why it could be the reason why your players are leaving your games. Customer service satisfaction is one of the most important facets to any business – and it certainly makes the difference between having lifelong customers and customers that are simply waiting for the next best thing to come along. Kill your customers with kindness (though not literally) by understanding a few of the top indie studio customer service mistakes below that many indie studios unfortunately make.

Slow response time

You market your indie studio on social media – and because of this, your customers are going to constantly reach out to you using this medium. Because they can send you a concern or inquiry immediately, they expect an immediate response. In fact, Convince and Convert states that 42% of customers expect a response within an hour on social media. If you are a small indie studio that is just starting out, this may not be a problem for you. However, if you are a growing indie studio that is getting more customers all the time, then you need to outsource your customer service so you can deliver timely answers for your customers.

Slow customer service certainly makes the difference between keeping your customers and losing the bulk of them. Be vigilant when it comes to customer service, and you will not have to worry about this.

Ignoring reviews

If I have a few mobile games that I am thinking about buying, one of the things I look at is if the developer of the game consistently responds to negative reviews that state they found a bug, had a problem with the game, it was glitchy, etc. The best app developers respond to every negative review associated with their products and they go above and beyond to fix the problem mentioned in the review. Some of the best apps that I have ever used has a developer behind it that is costly looking at his/her reviews, seeing improvements and suggestions that people make in the review, and applying them to future updates. Developers that do this end up having lifelong customers, so do not ignore any reviews whatsoever – no matter how unfair or bashing they may sound. Take it all to heart, respond accordingly, and do your part to improve your game.

Being unprofessional

Sometimes, customers can get under your skin. It happens – but you need to be professional at all times. There have been far too many instances in which an indie developer responds to a difficult customer using a negative tone, only to find that the situation blows up in their face. There is no reason why you should ever be rude or unprofessional to your customers; after all, they are the reason why you are able to develop games as you do. Treat them all with respect (regardless of how disrespectful they are to you), and you will bypass a lot of headache along with damages to your brand.

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