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21 Jan 2014

Cut the Rope 2 Brings Yodo1 Over 100 Million Users

Today mobile publishing company Yodo1 announced that they’ve hit a record-breaking milestone achieving 100 million users over the weekend.

Originally based in Beijing with an operation in California, Yodo1 has been determined to bring mobile gaming to China. Their service teams often work diligently alongside developers from around the world to assist them in making the launch of their game in China a success.

However, the company is not taking all of the credit for their massive increase in players. “We crossed the 100 million milestone last weekend thanks in great part to the recent launch of Cut the Rope 2 (Chinese Edition) co-developed with our friends at Zeptolab. That game attracted about 2 million downloads in its first ten days on the China market, just from iOS alone,” stated CEO Henry Fong.

Fong continued to suggest that their upcoming Android launch with targeted promotion is expected to generate “another 20 million downloads before the end of February” – further solidifying Yodo1’s success.

However, Yodo1’s success has not happened unexpectedly. China’s growth and the unsaturated Asian market has made western based studios seek out the region in surprising numbers. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Yodo1 and mobile games in the years to come.


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