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28 Nov 2014

What Successful Indie Developers ‘Don’t’ Do

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Have you ever stopped to wonder what successful people don’t do? We hear all the time what successful people do all the time, but what are some of the things they go out of the way not to do? After all, knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do, so I began to do a little research and found some awesome advice that you can definitely implement into your role as an indie developer. And, because it’s Friday, it’s a great time to read a few of these tips so you can get a fresh start on Monday.

Without further ado, here are the things successful indie developers avoid.


They never forget

This isn’t to say that successful indie developers hold grudges. Sure, they are more than open to forgiving anyone that does them wrong, but they don’t forget. It’s funny: when we think about forgiving someone, we typically associate that with forgetting their wrongdoing. Successful indie developers (and successful people) don’t do this. They forgive, but they always remember the other person’s wrongdoing. This means that if the person comes back and wants to be associated with them professionally again, the indie developer is quick to remember their wrongdoing and say, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Forgive, but never forget.


They don’t aim for perfection

Because perfection doesn’t exist. A post at (sourced below) sums up perfectly why aiming for perfection is a game you cannot win:

“When perfection is your goal, you’re always left with a nagging sense of failure, and you end up spending your time lamenting what you failed to accomplish and what you should have done differently instead of enjoying what you were able to achieve.”

That’s pretty much the reason why you don’t aim for perfection. Instead, aim for smaller goals. Success doesn’t come over night, so why focus on the big picture in the first place? The most successful people work one day at a time, completing everything on their day’s to-do list, and do it all over again tomorrow.


They never (ever) quit

In combination with the first two tips in this list, the most successful indie developer never quit developing games. They are always finding new ways to improve their craft, and coupled with a never-say-die attitude, the sky is truly the limit for these types of indie developers. They may never hit perfection (because perfection doesn’t exist), but they meet and exceed their goals time and time again.

And that, friends, is the hallmark of a successful indie developer.



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