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6 Dec 2013

Want to Get Into the ‘Game Making Business?’

If you are remotely interested in learning about how to build your own games (or even your own apps), then you need to keep your calendar open this Thursday 5pm PST/8PM EST. Game Academy founder Trey Smith is going to be sharing every detail regarding how he built his app business from absolutely nothing to 13,000,000 downloads and counting.

During the event, Trey and Co. are going to be showcasing our newest game building software and will also show you how Game Academy’s best students are getting tens of millions of downloads. The event is going to be jam-packed with useful information that you will not want to miss, but it’s one night only with zero replays. 

Miss out, and you miss out on a wealth of awesome information.

Learn more about this legendary event over at Academy Event, and we’ll see you next week!

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