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28 May 2014

Use These WordPress Tools to Grow the Audience of Your Dev Diary

We’ve discussed dev diaries here in detail here at Game Academy. From discussing how to start your own dev diary to why you should start your own, there’s a wealth of information regarding all things dev diaries for you to explore. If you have looked at your fair share of dev diaries in the past, you will notice that most indie developers share them on their blog. Sure, they probably have videos on their official YouTube channel and they hopefully engage with their followers across social media, but at the end of the day? Most of their content is also featured on their blog.

To ensure more people read your dev diary, you need to get more people visiting your WordPress blog and reading what you have to say and show them regarding the development cycle. It’s the best way to pull back the curtain and give everyone a glimpse behind the scenes, and can also generate additional business for you. To make certain more people than ever are reading your developer diary, use these tools to get additional readers and hopefully, additional customers.

Use exclusive content to your advantage

Do you have exclusive gameplay footage of your indie game? Have an in-depth look at some of the storyboards and concept art of the game? Then you should consider requiring visitors to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and +1 you on Google+ (you can also require visitors to share and tweet your content as well).

It’s all possible via a tool called Social Locker – a plugin for WordPress that gives you an option to show part of your post, then requiring readers to take the necessary step to view the whole thing. Hook them with an opening paragraph, and they’ll be more enticed to follow your brand/share the content with their friends just to view it.

I’ve seen this work with different blogs that feature unique lists, host exclusive video on the site, and more. It works, and it’s a great way to jumpstart your social media following.

SEO improvement

What if your readers just are not showing up? Is there anything that you can do other than using social media to spread the word? Absolutely! Enter Yoast SEO – another WordPress plugin that makes it simple to optimize your dev diaries’ content so more people can find your content in Google. Using the plugin, it will guide you through everything that you need to know in order to fully optimize every post in your dev diary. It’s one of the most essential plugins in this list, so give it a shot today.

Allow readers to share your information with one click

Making your content easily shareable is one of the hurdles many bloggers face on a day-to-day basis. As an indie developer, you face the same challenge: how to ensure that your content can be shared instantly and on the fly. SumoMe (yet another WordPress plugin) solves this problem. Once a reader highlights anything in one of your posts, SumoMe will open a window with the highlighted text and a link to the original post ready to share. Readers merely have to click ‘Tweet’ or ‘Share’ in the window, and the text will be shared with their followers. It’s sharing made easy, and it’s a tool you need to use.

Renew your old posts

If you have a few past posts that you want to occasionally share, you should consider doing so. Make no mistake: your old posts still have some value! Enter the Evergreen Post Tweeter; a WordPress plugin that will select old posts from your archives and Tweet them to your followers.

Evergreen Post Tweeter allows you to dictate the minimum and maximum age of posts along with which post types you want to share. You can even select which categories and tags a post must feature in order to be shared, making this tool one of the best more breathing new life into old content.


Do you have any WordPress plugins that are useful in ensuring more people read your dev diaries? Let us know in the comments below!

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