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12 Mar 2014

Top 5 App Developers Changing the Mobile Game Industry Globally

Recently released the Annual Global Markets report showcasing the over 10 different regions with promising mobile development and growth. From often overlooked sectors like Latin America to Africa any emerging studio or outfits helping to shape the future in the industry was noted.

Below is a rundown of the top 5 app developers from various countries in the world that are striving to make an impact in today’s competitive market. Some of the studios are grassroots start-ups while others are quickly climbing the charts to notoriety.


Located in Seoul, Korea and founded in 2009, app developer SundayToz made waves in the industry when it released the puzzle game Anipang in 2012. They were one of the first studios to utilize the power of the chat app KaKaoTalk’s game distribution channel to attract users. The app received 10 million daily active players and opened everyone’s eyes to the opportunities available with chat apps in the Asian market. SundayToz is following in Rovio’s Angry Birds footsteps and has an entire line of merchandise based off of their games and is doing extremely well.

Peak Games

Altermyth Image


Spread across the Middle East with offices stationed in Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, Peak Games has perfected the art of creating region-based card and tile-themed games. The company currently has 11.8 million daily active users and is considered globally to be the third fastest social gaming company claiming to have surpassed giants like EA and Wooga.


A veteran in the industry, Altermyth holds the title of oldest gaming studios in Southeast Asia. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia Altermyth was founded in 2003 and made a name for itself by creating Indonesia’s first domestically developed online game called Inspirit-Arena. Formed by four gaming friends more than 10 years ago, the outfit is still going strong. They’re currently working closely with Square Enix to help push mobile apps in Indonesia.

Rolecule Games

This small Indian studio founded in 2010, turned tennis themed mobile games, a somewhat uncommon niche into a global success. But Rolecule Games did not stop there; they started developing their own technology called Rolomotion, which allows app developer to utilize the iPhone as a motion controller for Apple TV games, like their own interactive title Motion Tennis.

Snailboy Game Image



Hailing from the continent of Africa is the indie studio Thoopid. Although Africa is not a region that is known for its contributions in app development, this aspiring young company is leading the way for more mobile entrepreneurs to potentially rise from that province. In 2013 with the support of the app developer program 100% Indie, Thoopid launched their first game called Snailboy. The app is available in Samsung Apps Appstore.

For more information on these studios and in-depth data you can access the full report here.

(Source: PocketGamer.Biz)


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