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25 Feb 2014

Think Gaming Launches Free Service for App Developers

Think Gaming has just launched its new free service specifically geared towards mobile app developers and active game investors. The platform features specialized Scouting Reports and data management options to assist any app developer in the process of fine-tuning their game into a top grossing title.

According to Think Gaming, their mission is to use data science to connect the best mobile free-to-play games with publishers and investors that can help them grow.  The company has analyzed over 5,000 games using a ‘proprietary data’ set to locate the essential components to achieve success. Their free Scouting Reports allow developers to compare their metrics to the current top grossing games in the mobile app industry and provide targeted feedback on how to improve the game.

Think ImageDevelopers aren’t the only clientele being catered to on the Think Gaming platform. When users sign up they can create an account as an app developer or as a game investor and or publisher. For potential investors that dislike the idea of searching through general funding websites like Kickstarter for a worthy indie game, this bonus feature definitely adds to the platforms overall appeal.

The system works on both ends to connect members to ideal partners. Investors will get access to pre-screened games that pass Think Gaming’s quality test and games that score relatively high in their scouting report will be able to correspond freely with interested investors and publishers listed on the site.

The management options allow dev members to have their game scored on four core elements consisting of app monetization, longevity, retention, and market size. The scoring system takes an app and measures exactly how it stacks up against the current top grossing titles available in the app store. Think Gaming provides its users with valuable feedback during the scoring process to help pinpoint weak areas of their games that are in need of improvement.

For more information on Think Gaming and their Scouting Reports you can visit their website.


(Source: ThinkGaming)

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