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14 Feb 2014

Temple Run Toys: Imangi Commemorates 500 Million Downloads with Toy Launch

Temple Run Toys?

Imangi’s Temple Run was released in 2011 and since its original debut its popularity has skyrocketed. Today the game has reached an impressive 500 million downloads and the company is celebrating in a big way. Imangi has announced along with the news of their recent accomplishment that they are launching a plush toy line for Temple Run as well.

The transition is similar to what major publishers like Rovio, the creators of the immensely popular Angry Birds, has done in the past.  Studios that are flourishing in the mobile game industry are turning more and more to this strategy to further their brand name and expand their app empire. It’s becoming a very viable and almost expected step when a hit app game is able to maintain its success.

In Temple Run players step into the shoes of a young explorer, that has stolen a holy idol from a temple. Demonic monkeys are after the adventurer and players must assist in the epic adrenaline fueled escape. The endless runner game was created by a husband and wife development team, Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and published via Raleigh-based Imangi Studios.

The game’s success immediately bolstered the relatively unknown studio to notoriety.  During 2011 the game made iTunes Top 50 Most Downloaded Apps List and snagged the position as top grossing iOS app of the year as well. Mobile app developers have been attempting to duplicate Temple Run’s numbers by releasing games similar to its gameplay and graphics. However, there can only be one Temple Run.

The toy line will be based off of fans favorite game characters from the Temple Run game series.

Imangi also announced that they will release the first Temple Run handheld LCD game in stores soon as well. The device will be available for $9.99 USD.

Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios said, “Our work with Factory Entertainment and Basic Fun will connect Temple Run fans to the characters and stories they have interacted with for the last three years. We’re looking forward to announcing more partnerships this year, so stay tuned.”

There will be an exhibit showcasing the new Temple Run toys at the 111th American International Toy Fair in New York during February 16 – 19th for anyone interested in viewing the dolls before they hit the stores this fall.

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