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31 Jan 2014

Dev Scott Steinberg Becomes GM of Phoenix Online Studios

Today, developer Scott Steinberg was announced as the new general manager of the game development company Phoenix Online Studios.

For those unfamiliar with Phoenix Online Studios, the company was launched in 2004. Out of all of the current game development studios Phoenix remains a bit of a rebel. The studio started off as a group of King’s Quest fans from around the world who decided to collaborate and develop their own unofficial sequel to the series. The project was coined, The Silver Lining and took off throughout the gaming community. Despite the several cease-and-desist orders the company received for making the episodes they proudly finished and released the project.

Gabriel Knight Game ImageIn 2012 they developed Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller for PC and Mac with an iPad version due to release soon.  Titles like makes them stand out. The company delivers a ‘fan boy’ art-style to their games like Moebius and Gabriel Knight: Signs of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition. The studio has headquarters in San Jose, CA and Mumbai, India.

 Steinberg will take on the duties in the studio’s strategic planning and business development department.  “Scott brings a tremendous sense and insight and vision to our company, said Phoenix Online’s CEO Cesar Bittar.

“His track record for producing and publishing the type of deeply engaging and engrossing games that tody’s players adore will help us continue to grow and build the kind of rich, story-driven next generation experiences that millions know and love.”

Steinberg commented on his new promotion by saying, “I look forward to teaming up with the company and many of gaming’s best and brightest storytellers both inside the company and out, to create the kinds of intelligent and thought-provoking games that today’s fans demand.”

Phoenix Online is also planning on releasing more of their creative story-based games on the iOS platform for the iPad. Fans of the game series will be looking forward to seeing what their favorite inventive developers will have in store for 2014.

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