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18 Aug 2014

Scheduling Facebook Ads to Promote Your Indie Studio

If you have been using our tip to schedule Facebook posts and use ads on Facebook to promote your indie brand, then you have probably found yourself wishing that Facebook ads was a little more flexible. Sure, you can specify when your Facebook ads start and stop, but unlike scheduling Facebook posts to be posted several times per day, you cannot specify specific times you want your ads to run. It’s a little feature that would save yourself a lot of headache.

Running a Facebook ad campaign such as the one listed above used to be impossible, but thanks to the new Facebook Ad Scheduling feature? It’s not only possible to specify when you want certain ads to be active, but it’s also very simple! Here’s a rundown on how to use it.


Activating the Feature

To use the new Facebook Ad Scheduling feature, you must first activate it. Doing so is actually pretty simple. Simply go to Power Editor, select ‘Ad Sets,’ then change the budget to ‘Lifetime.’

From there, you will be taken through a quick tour of how Facebook Ad Scheduling Works. After the tour is finished, Ad Scheduling is activated, allowing you to choose when your ads are active.


Scheduling Ads

After activating Facebook Ad Scheduling, you will need to select ‘Run ads on a schedule.’ Scheduling your ads is simple. You will see a chart detailing the day and time. Simply choose which date and time you want your ads to be active by filling the date/time in which blue grid cells and you’re ready to go!

However, keep in mind that your ads are active in relation to the time zone of your audience – not your local time! For example, if you live on the East Coast of the United States and your ads are active from 8am to 4pm, your audience in the Midwest will see your ads one hour behind you. Thus, you may want to plan your ad campaigns around your time zones accordingly.



Is there a benefit to actually scheduling your ads to be active at certain times? It depends.

For example, if you want to announce a new trailer for your indie game hours before the premiere, you would want an ad heavily promoting the unveiling to be active hours before the premiere.

If you have a game on sale and you want to promote it heavily during the last day of the sale? Again, scheduling ads for certain times of the day would be the best way to ensure that you get as many sales as possible during the final moments of the sale in question.

See what I mean? Whenever you need to conduct specialized ad campaigns at a certain time of day, Facebook Ad Scheduling is an awesome feature to use.


Have any questions regarding Facebook Ad Scheduling? Let us know in the comments below!

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