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7 Jan 2015

PSA: Do You Use Presskit()? Then You Need This Upgrade

Late last November, we covered an awesome tool for Free Tool Friday called Presskit(). I think it’s one of the niftiest tools we’ve covered on Free Tool Friday thus far, and if you use it to promote your indie games, I think you will too. Best of all? Vlambeer (the studio behind Presskit()) has upgraded Presskit() to version 2.5, and believe me: it’s a mandatory upgrade.

What’s so great about the update? For starters, Presskit() v. 2.5 removes an e-mail security vulnerability. That’s great and all, but what’s awesome about the newest version is that it features translations for indie studios that want to target non-English speaking markets. If you have been reading our daily posts at Game Academy for the last several months, you will know that we are big believers in releasing your indie games to multiple markets, so this is a great feature.

This new upgrade also works best with Vlambeer’s other awesome tool, Distribute() – a service that allows devs to maintain their press contact list and preview/review distribution. I’m not going to go into the specifics of Distribute(), but you can be assured that it’s going to be featured in this week’s Free Tool Friday. It’s awesome, so look forward to that.

Vlambeer is working wonders to make promoting your indie game easier than ever, and their suite of tools is only going to get better!

Source: Gamasutra

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