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15 Jul 2014

Pocket Gem’s Episode App Hits 500,000 Signups

Writers and mobile apps are forging a new alliance with Pocket Gems’ interactive story platform, called Episode. The platform has reached over 500,000 author signups. It’s currently the world’s largest author platform for interactive mobile stories.

Released in February, the mobile story app allows players to unlock and interact with character driven stories that are controlled by the reader’s personal preferences. The game currently has over 175 million chapters read by users. An estimated 55 million of those chapters were derived from their most popular story named Campus Crush.

In Campus Crush the character of your choice starts their very first day at a new college but he or she is already having trouble with classes, maintaining their scholarship, and tackling the arduous campus dating scene. Episode is a very unique app concept.

Surprisingly, it has taken off. Including Campus Crush, there are five different stories that players can interact with. Hollywood Crush, Rich Witches, In A Perfect World, and Stranded at Sea make up the rest of the game’s millions of playable chapters. Pocket Gems Co-Founder and CCO, Daniel Terry, believes the secret behind Episode’s success is due to the fact that it caters to writers.

“In providing authors with a new medium to create stores, Episode is giving them two things that have historically been very hard for fiction writers to obtain: and audience and payment,” said Terry.

“The nature of the platform allows the writer to publish immediately and get audience feedback, in the form of data and fan mail, just as quickly. Now, readers can shape the overall direction of the plot just by interacting with it,” he continued.

“We’ve undertaken the dual-task of finding writers who will create great interactive content on mobile while building proprietary technology that lets them bring their stories to life. Episode has become a thriving community of a half-million storytellers who are engaging the mobile audience in a fun and unique way.”

Pocket Gems Episode is a great example of the incredible innovation that is becoming more prevalent in the mobile game industry. The app is currently ranked at #8 in the US role-playing category.


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