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10 Nov 2014

Motivational Monday: Reminder Of The Power Of Motivation

If there was ever a moment in your week that you are going to struggle with feeling motivated, today is the day. Mondays are a terrible day for so many people: it’s a reminder that the work week has to resume and that you have to return to focusing on work rather than relaxing. It’s difficult to get over this hump almost every Monday, and lots of people has so much trouble with this that it can bleed into the rest of the work week.

Feeling motivated the first thing every Monday is vital. Reading a short post over at Ben Motivate, there are benefits to motivation that will not only help you to get through your Monday routine, but can also make the rest of the work week sail smoothly. According to Ben Motivate, this is one of the biggest advantages of motivation:

“It is possible to provide excitement in an activity or task if a motivation is present.”

This isn’t new news, but stop and think about that for a second: if you are motivated to complete the tasks at hand – in other words, generally excited about it – then what’s stopping you from proceeding. When I feel unmotivated, I always enjoy envisioning the task when it’s finished. Of course, the finished task is likely going to wind up different than what I am envisioning in my mind, but it’s enough to keep me motivated and continue ‘fighting the good fight,’ and I’m sure it will work for you too.

The post continues emphasizing the power that motivation can have on the zeal you have for your daily tasks, and I couldn’t agree more. Motivation is nothing more than goal-oriented excitement, and if you’re excited about your goals (whatever they may be in your indie studio), motivation cannot help but prevail! If you’re feeling down due to the weekend being over, having to focus on many tasks throughout the work week, or anything else in your work life, just remember the endgame you have in mind.

Think about how sweet it’s going to feel once you accomplish your goal that motivates you, and use the time you are spending complaining to yourself and feeling unmotivated to actually get excite about the potential of your goal being realized, and allow yourself to do a 180. You know the saying, “keep your eye on the prize?” The same logic applies here: keep your eye on your goal and your focus on achieving said goal during the work day, and you won’t be able to help not being motivated.

And if you feel bad about not being motivated enough, know that you have a problem: it’s called being human. Feeling unmotivated isn’t a bad thing as long as you have the discipline to turn this feeling around. And if you are truly motivated by your goal? Getting motivated to get up and start working toward your goal is a cinch.

Source: Ben Motivate

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