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3 Nov 2014

Motivational Monday: Most Indie Devs Will Quit Before They Compete With You

When developing indie games (or doing anything professionally in life), it may seem as if we have a lot of competition to compete with. We probably do, but a post over at Hobby Game Dev recently made me realize something: we don’t have nearly as much competition as we potentially could.

According to Chris DeLeon, most potential competitors never put themselves in a position to compete among their peers. Those that want to develop indie games for a living never get past the phase of ‘actually doing –‘ and that goes for anything in life. If you’re developing indie games professionally, feel great about yourself today: you’re doing much better and on a more successful path than most people that have ever decided to create a video game.

But don’t celebrate just yet. DeLeon also states that most professionals also quit while competing – in other words, they quit after barely trying. DeLeon sums this up best:

“To have tried for something but not really given it full attention or effort is a cowardly move, a defense mechanism so that when it doesn’t work out in our favor, we can tell ourselves it’s just because we didn’t really try, and that if we had really tried maybe it could have gone differently. Don’t give yourself that easy way out.”

He’s right: by giving a half-witted effort, we’re giving ourselves an excuse to fail. Failing is scary, and the thought of failing after giving something your all is terrifying to everyone. But so many people do this all the time. It’s as if trying to accomplish something is its own reward, and halfway doing something is nothing more than an exit strategy for when the individual finally gives up. This is nothing more than a waste of time, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by doing this!

We’ve all heard the term, “go big or go home,” and it’s actually sound advice. Give 110% no matter what you’re doing, because you know something? By merely giving the development of your indie games your undivided attention, by trying your hardest, you actually have an advantage over many indie developers that are currently developing indie games. DeLeon states that you should do good work at all times and make a habit of it, “because there’s no telling when or why it might count, where or when it might lead to something unexpected.”

That last quote is really the takeaway from this Monday Motivational. Work hard and well at all times. Give 110% no matter how miniscule any task may be. You never know when something you’re doing well is going to be noticed, what opportunities it could lead to, and how it could benefit you in the long run.

We talk about the perks of using marketing tactics to get noticed and those tips are definitely important, but quality, hard work is where the success of your indie studio truly begins. It’s the foundation for everything that you do, so get out there, give everything that you do your all, and do everything it takes to be successful!

Source: Hobby Game Dev

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