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29 Dec 2014

Motivational Monday: Give Your Outsourced Employees The Benefit Of The Doubt

For those of you that have been constantly hiring and firing outsourced employees, it may seem as if no matter whom you hire, the working relationship will ultimately fail to work out. It’s easy to become cynical, but you have to resist this. While it’s easy to think that all outsourced employees are doomed to fail, this isn’t fair to the person you are hiring.

It’s important to give every outsourced employee the benefit of the doubt. After all, you hired them for a reason, right? You obviously saw something positive in them that would have you believe they will deliver quality work and will deliver said work on time, professionally, and will generally do exactly what they’re asked. If you’re cynical and are always expecting the worse, that isn’t the employee’s fault – that’s yours.

Thus, expect only the best out of your outsourced employees every time you hire one – no matter what. It’s difficult to connect with your outsourced employees when you’re expecting them to fail you, and while you may have hired employees that end up failing you, that isn’t a reason to be on guard and expect the worst out of your hired help. Because…


Expecting the worst results in the worst

If you expect someone to screw up and act a certain way toward them, your actions will likely cause them to screw up in the exact way you expected them to. This self-fulfilling prophecy is your fault – not theirs. You’re not giving them a fair chance, and in the end, you’re probably robbing yourself of an awesome employee.

To stress once again: give every employee the benefit of the doubt. If you can’t? Maybe you shouldn’t be hiring them.


This will help you as well

If you are expecting the worst in employees, maybe you’re expecting the worst in your professional life as well. Practicing to give your employees the benefit of the doubt will also help you to give yourself the benefit of the doubt as well. This creates a win-win scenario for you and your employees, which will eventually result in you giving each employee a fair chance when you hire them.

The best part? Your indie studio is going to operate better than ever because you give everyone a fair chance every time. It’s not only the best way to run your indie studio – it’s the right way.

Source: The Emotion Machine

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