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23 Apr 2015

More Tactics To Remove Fake Followers On Social Media

If you missed yesterday’s post, you missed a good one. We discussed the ways to remove fake followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with the promise that we would cover had removed fix from other popular social media platforms quite soon. Well, that day has come early.

If you have been trying to maximize your indie studio’s reach on social media, then you are probably not content with marketing only on Facebook and Twitter. There are other social media platforms out there that are growing by the day – primarily Instagram and Tumblr. If you have used these platforms extensively, then you may have run into fake followers on Instagram and spam posts on Tumblr. Both can be detrimental to your brand’s online presence, so let us take a look at how to weed out these nuisances.

Removing fake followers on Instagram

If you followed our advice in our last post and used the tool Fakers to remove fake followers on Twitter, then you are in for a treat: removing fake followers on Instagram is just as easy. By using the free tool IGExorcist, you can sign in using your Instagram account, to which the tool will analyze your followers and fill you in on how active some of them have been in the last 300 days (based on their comments, likes, etc.). This allows you to discover who hasn’t engaged with you recently, and then follow every one of them in bulk.

While there’s certainly a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to IGExorcist, I suggest going through your list of followers and giving a second look to them. Why? Because the tool may actually choose some followers to be removed that started following you recently – and if the followers are very recent, they may not have had a chance to engage with you yet. Thus, give you followers a second glance and be sure that the followers you are removing are actually worth removing.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “why should I care if some followers haven’t been active?” Well, Instagram – much like Facebook and Twitter – has been plagued with fake profiles that blindly follow brands. As we stated yesterday, social networks are taking a stand against profiles that have fake followers – and a warning sign of a fake follower is one that isn’t active for a long period of time and follows lots of people yet has no followers. Thus, IGExorcist finds these types of followers and eliminates them – besides, if someone hasn’t been active for 300+ days, they’re really no use to you anyway; so remove them!

What about spam posts on Tumblr?

Tumblr is a unique beast. It doesn’t track followers so that isn’t an issue; even so, people want to get their content noticed (after all, creativity is the currency of Tumblr). Thus, the more your brand grows, the amount of spam posts may grow as well. Spam posts are extremely dangerous for your brand on Tumblr – and because the platform continues to expand, you should be concerned. If your profile becomes bombarded with spam, expect your followers to leave out of frustration.

Luckily, Tumblr has a few methods for eliminating spam. One of the biggest reasons why your Tumblr page is experiencing heavy spam posts could be due to actually being tricked. Tumblr has a few methods for removing spam here, so follow their advice and take back your Tumblr page.

Do you have any additional questions or comments? Have questions about removing fake followers/spam on another social network we haven’t mentioned this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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