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13 Jan 2014

Mobile Game Usage Rises 66%

According to a recent report by analytics firm Flurry, mobile game usage experienced a slow and steady rise in 2013. The gradual but consistent increase of player activity proves that the industry is still encountering significant growth from year to year.

When compared to analytic reports from the past year, mobile game usage increased 66% in 2013. Despite concerns that game usage isn’t growing as quickly as expected in comparison with the rest of the mobile app market which received an overall 115%, the bump in user engagement is a positive sign.

Numbers can be deceiving. The majority of non-game apps that contributed to the reported 115 percent growth were primarily chat and messaging apps like Line, GroupMe, and WhatsApp. Although the statistics create an image of these messaging apps as competition for other apps in the mobile market, they are actually beneficial to mobile games. KakaoTalk and WeChat both offer game distribution within their apps to its users giving them an opportunity to download a game that their friends are talking about or playing.

In a recent interview Mitch Lasky commented on the new messaging chat apps saying, “It’s amazing – if you look at the Korean mobile app stores, 10 out of their Top 10 mobile games are being distributed through KakaoTalk. It’s totally working. It’s an unbelievably great distribution channel.”

There’s an overwhelming amount of opportunity and potential for success in the game market. The steady growth from last year is good sign.



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